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Family Enterprise Coaching

Our Family Enterprise Coaching program is designed to create successful strong outcomes for families who are in business together.

Family business can be very complicated to navigate. Our Family Enterprise Coaching program was created to provide family businesses with the tools they need to succeed in business while maintaining family relationships.

With the help of our Family Enterprise Coaching Program, you and your family members will gain valuable insights into your priorities, both as a company and as a family. Our Family Enterprise Coaching Program will also help to broaden your perspective into the issues business families tend to face.

Mark Driediger is a trained Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). He is available to work with business families who could use strategic coaching. Mark works best with families who would like to make a transition but are having a hard time getting all members of the family on the same page. As an FEA, Mark can get your family moving in a common direction together.

What we do best

Working with you to build a path.

How we can help you

By working alongside families who are in business together and helping each family member understand the different roles played by each member of the enterprise, our advisors are able to guide our clients toward a future where the succession and ownership goals of their company are met. Our professional team understands the value in incorporating each member's priorities and goals into the greater vision of the family business, and how long-term success for the family enterprise should be based on both the success of the business and the success of the family.

What our clients are saying.

Get to know what our past clients have to say about our services.

  • "Mark takes the time to understand your unique situation and then takes great care in presenting options." ~ R.T.

  • "Mark ensured that we were comfortable and that we understood what lay before us." ~ R.T.

  • "Having a financial plan has given us confidence and peace of mind." ~ R.T.

  • "Mark has the insight and resources to provide creative solutions to our families' financial goals." ~ R.T.

  • "Working with Mark as our Financial Advisor for the past 16 years has been a pleasure." ~ K.I. & S.I.

  • "Mark is very knowledgeable and works very hard for you." ~ K.I. & S.I.

  • "Having a financial plan in place gives us peace of mind." ~ K.I. & S.I.