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Charitable Giving / Foundation Services

Our team supports, participates in, and services numerous foundations and not-for-profit organizations. We are proud to advise and coach our clients on how to amplify their giving through specific gift planning.

For clients who share the same passion for giving as we do, we offer a range of charitable giving services that are not only designed to help you choose the right charity to give to, but also to advise you on how to get the most out of your charitable contributions.

what we do best

Working with you to build a path.

How we can help you

Our team of charity experts advise on personal giving and organizational giving. We provide giving and investment solutions that work to multiply your financial ability to support the cause with which you are involved. A philanthropic assessment will give you insight into how your giving can be more efficient and effective.

We provide coaching and investment services in the following areas:

  • Personal and Corporate Giving Advice
  • Public Foundation Services
  • Private Foundation Services
  • Institutional Investment Solutions
  • Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Providing you with a clear understanding of your investment strategy through our proven holistic approach.

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